January 8, 2012 § 19 Comments

And so we’ve packed up Christmas.
Seems like the dark of Winter gets darker with the tucking away of the last red, gold and glittery bits.

Not putting it all away, really.
Just carrying it with us into the new year.

The advantage of some of the natural decorations is that they can still hang around outside, having moved from front of the house to back. “Interesting,” said HM.  Mmmm. guess he was thinking of sitting out there.




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§ 19 Responses to undecorate….

  • shoreacres says:

    It is a bit of a shame to take it all down, isn’t it? But… there’s Mardi Gras ahead, and that’s a good excuse for plenty of gold, purple and green! King’s Cakes! Doubloons! Beads!

    On the other hand, just think how beautiful those decorations will be with a frosting of snow on them!

    • oh says:

      Dear Shore, Yes, it’s bare and empty here (it seems) yet others in the house say “oh, no, the house looks nice.” Ha. Ah, well – supportive, they are!
      And look at this – how right you are – snow (and ice) fell this morning and covered the “decorations” pictured with just that right bit of snow.

  • Typehype says:

    undecorate. i really like that word.

    so, now, enough of this 47 degree weather. time for snow. bring it on.

    • oh says:

      And so the snow has arrived. Just as you say “bring it on.” Hope you get some, too, enough to let you stay home from work and paint!

  • ds says:

    “Undecoration” happened here today, too. Suddenly the living room is three times larger…

    • oh says:

      so what now, with the living room? time to go a little “zen” in there OR consider something fresh (in furniture – HM is shaking his head) or maybe just repurpose the room…yeah, maybe that.

  • anno says:

    Strange Christmas this year. Felt like it never quite arrived, and now it is already gone. Definitely time for the tree to go: # 1 priority for this coming week.

    • oh says:

      Ah, you got a lovely live tree, didn’t you, Anno? bet it was gorgeous. (miss your blog. actually, should stop over there – you might have done some holiday posts! I have been so non-laptop-person in the past few weeks. Must ante up in blog world!!!!)

  • aubrey says:

    When Boyfriend and I were in Catalina, a couple of years ago, he took a picture of me standing behind a pick-up truck piled high with holiday decorations that had descended from the trees. I was stretching my arms out frantically, trying to retrieve them.

    • oh says:

      Great picture you describe – can imagine you out there trying to retrieve “holiday!” What fun.
      Happy New Year and look forward to more of your blog art-poetry-stories-awesomeness.

  • Arti says:

    Wishing you sustaining peace and joy even with the decorations down. 🙂 I know some people who keep their Christmas lights up and trees in their living room and never take them down. As for me, I’m procrastinating, as always.

  • Bella Rum says:

    I know what you mean about the “dark of Winter getting darker with the tucking away of the last red.” We usually keep our wreath on the door for a while and the red bow on the dog sculpture at the front door remains. Who can resist a little red during this time of year?

  • jeanie says:

    I have that table! Folds up in the winter, but the way you have it decorated, I might change my tune. Like the chairs — wish I’d bought those instead of those white things everyone has! My stuff is still up. Baby trees will go down this week. The big one takes awhile and the winter wonderland will stay through February. I’ve switched Santa to Snowguy and approach the teardown with a mix of dread and sadness. Might keep some lights going, though. They cheer me!

  • Carrie says:

    carry it through the new year indeed…

  • julietwilson says:

    It’s sad to see the decorations go, but I somehow always like the feeling of space and decluttering…


    • oh says:

      Yes, you’re right to look at the upside – there is indeed more space and we’ve gone all over the house decluttering which is ever so nice.

  • Corri says:

    Much much more civilised than my own ‘get rid’ which was the dustbin asap! It’s nice to get it all up but a relief to take it all down 🙂 On towards spring now!

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