March 14, 2012 § 15 Comments

 It is rare that I shop.  Really. 
You would think that when in town, I’d bust out of my office and zip over to the three-layer mall that is stacked no more than a mile from my commuter parking lot and get some shopping done (you know, when you need a new white blouse or your sister-in-law’s birthday gift or some artisinal olive oil from D’Olivia).
But no.

And this weekend, when HM and I did shop, was really more of a stroll and a leisurely conversation on foot, we ended up at the Record Exchange on Hampton. What? records? of all things! But the Exchange is a library of music, of vinyl (records), of CDs, of tapes and I think there are 8-tracks in there, too. And posters and stacks and shelves and tidy piles of records and records and more records. But truly, picture a well-kept library, that zigs and zags with shelves immacuately maintained and most  records sleeved in those awesome heavy plastic envelopes.

Yes, we found some music (cuz HM newly restored and set up the Yamaha round table we bought way back when the kids were little and CDs were just coming on the market). Itching for that vinyl “sound” because we have only a few albums that have made it through the various moves, basement-warping existences and petitions for more space,  we thought to purchase one or two old retros and get the house hopping. Still a Stones fan, I found an album with “Waiting for a Friend” on it (forgot the album title – sheesh) and an Arlo Guthrie album that I had once owned but has been gone lo’ these many years.

Then HM whistled me into another area of the store where I found him flipping through “author” albums.  These, he thought would be good to have, to listen to while we’re chilling on the lower level, maybe working, maybe painting, but above all, poised to listen.

Actually, it’s the kind of thing that makes you want it to rain, so you have a good excuse to stay inside and chill and just listen to the written word, being spoken.


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  • shoreacres says:

    What treasures! I still remember my thrill when I came across T.S. Eliot reading his own work on youtube. The Sandburg’s the one I’d listen to first – no question. He and Frost are American voices that need to be heard more frequently – read more frequently, too, for all that.

    I didn’t realize until recently that vinyl recordings are being issued again. What goes around comes around – literally, in this case. Fire up the turntable!

    • oh says:

      Linda – I have books and books of Frost. I always felt, growing up, that I lived in his backyard because of the things he talked about. Loved his New England sensibilities. Guess Kennedy did ,too. Funny the things that resonate, rigth? like a record played on a turntable.

      And now, I gotta go check out Youtube to see who all (in poetry world) might be there (still).

      • oh says:

        Found it! Fabulous. Loved looking at the manuscript (pieces) while he reads. Thanks, as always – you find/reference the neatest stuff.

        in case anyone needs it quickly:

  • Oh that is so cool. And it’s so hip of you & HM to be record shopping! 😉 I remember when we got our entertainment system back when I was young, my parents excitedly got a record player. Then they went to find their records and discovered they were all warped. They were heart broken. I don’t remember what all they owned, but I know they had some Moody Blues records and old Santana ones.

    • oh says:

      Oh, the darn records DO warp. One day they’re great; then you look (10 years) later and poof, they are all wonky! Taking care of this new bunch, though. When you get here, we’ll fill the place with music.
      Oh, and I love the Moody Blues, ‘specially “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.” And Santana!!! Saw him in concert at Jones Beach (Long Island). Oh, what a night!

  • Heather says:

    Glad you’re “digging” Just Jane. I have a ton of albums from my youth but alas, nothing to play them on.

    • oh says:

      Bring your albums when you come to St Louis next time – we’ll rock out!

      As for JUST JANE, so many allusions / likenesses to Austen’s books. Kinda fun, Clever in some ways. Actually, there are moments in this book that are funny – it’s Jane’s “voice.”

      Ah, guess what’s on right now? Behind the scenes at “Downton Abbey!”

  • Typehype says:

    Oh, those old record stores are disappearing fast 😦 How great you still have one in your neighborhood. Just two weeks ago, another one died here in the city (Bronx – the doo wop store!!!). And, yeah, where did all those albums disappear to after so many changes of residence?? I did the same thing, carted scores of cardboard boxes from apartment to apartment for decades, even moved them all to L.A. when I did the major relocation — and where I was soon talked into lightening my load…especially since I no longer had a turntable. So I traded too many of them in for credit at the great Aron’s Records in Hollywood (no longer there, either), and replaced many with CDs. I miss them! And speaking of the Stones, not very long ago I opened my last remaining carton of albums, certain I’d find Sticky Fingers inside (with that amazing Warhol cover design — w/ the real zipper!) — and it wasn’t there!!!! I practically went into mourning. How did it slip away from me? Remember all that beautiful album artwork – Disreali Gears (I loved that cover). I miss the covers as much as the vinyl inside. I’m was an Arlo fan too. I had the album “Arlo” and also “Alice’s Restaurant.” I saw him in concert in the 90s and he was still great. Lots of hair, only by then, totally white. Thanks for stirring up these memories. Speaking of reading poetry on vinyl — remember Rod McKuen??? He was so 60s with sound effects, like the sea, behind his kitchy “poetry.” Real high school stuff LOL

    • oh says:

      Rod McKuen!!!! “Listen to the warm.” Not great poetry but on the other hand, I remember that line all these years later!

      I can’t believe you had the REAL Sticky Fingers! Wouldn’t it be cool if the person who has yours (if indeed it ended up with someone) read this and by some reality quirk, sent it back? Wow, a collectors’ item, but more than that, Stones & Warhol, you just don’t see that every day.
      Geez, I love the Stones garage sound.

      And why can’t the Bronx support a record store? Wow, I’m surprised. It’s kinda like going from books to a Nook, going from vinyl to MP3 players.

      (true confession: I love books AND appreciate the Nook when traveling! Guess that goes for music, too.)

  • Arti says:

    These are vintage! Am I correct to think that they’re original, not reissued audio recordings of books on vinyls? My turntable doesn’t work now, but I still have lots of records (no 8 tracks though), and lots of cassette tapes even. But for audio books, I always thought they are something of a more recent origin. Of course, as Linda says, we can hear them on YouTube. But nothing beats the original 33 rpm vinyls!

    • oh says:

      Yup, these are good old original recordings. Dylan Thomas and his “cast” perform “Under Milk Wood.” Andt that’s Sandburg himself reading his poetry. I did not realize ’til this recording that his 21-word poem FOG was written in 1915! egads. That’s ages ago. And was a trendsetter in terms of poetry.

  • This is exactly where I would go, too — and I may have had fisticuffs with HM on “Under Milk Wood” — that and Spoon River, always favorites! And aren’t the graphics terrific? I recently saw frames at Michaels, specifically for album art. I have a few left that I couldn’t bear to part with, just because the graphics were so great! Not on the walls (yet), but maybe someday!

    • oh says:

      Spoon River! I’d forgotten about it. I will have to keep my eye out for that one. Loved the way that book told the stories. Oh, we have much to discuss at our next blog meet up!

  • RL says:

    Boy, your “HM” must be a literate and historically-respectful fellow, not to mention tech-savvy to be able to resurrect that Yamaha turntable.

    Enjoy the grooves and that fat, spacious sound that only analog recordings can bring…..thanks for sharing!

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