what I send the kids…

March 23, 2012 § 6 Comments

I sent this “tear-out” to Smoo (aka “Nor”), our daughter. Why? Cuz we both love dogs and fashion, tho’ not necessarily doggie  fashion. This picture was snapped by photographerLandon Nordeman at the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show, at the Hotel Pennyslvania and was featured in the February 13 & 20, 2012 The New Yorker magazine. 
I like to send the kids nail mail.

Smoo will receive this and laugh.
At least I don’t send her news clippings. I leave the “why” to the photos that tell their own stories.

About writing:
Makes me recall what I heard at a conference about the old publishing convention tagged “Lincoln’s doctor’s dog” wherein it was thought that the mention of any of the three in a story would guarantee a bestseller.  Humph. Skip the president and the doctor. Just put a  dog in it and I’ll read it. Andprobably cry, too.


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§ 6 Responses to what I send the kids…

  • Ha, that is awesome! It would totally make my day to get random snippets from my mom!!

    If you make that recipe I posted, let me know what you think. I love how it’s standard ingredients that you have in your cupboard. I get intimated/feel defeated when it’s a LONG list of ingredients and includes things I am not sure I would ever use again!

    • oh says:

      Lisa, Looks like i’m in the kitchen tomorrow (sunday) and will give your “dish” a whirl. “Michael” has band practice at 6, so I’ll make the huge dish and have it ready for the band! They love treats from our kitchen. Stay tuned!

  • Bella Rum says:

    Everyone loves to receive mail. Isn’t it wonderful to know someone out there thought about you, put a stamp on an envelope or wrapped a package in brown paper and went to the post office. I’ve become a bit obsessed with snail mail to the grandchildren. It’s so easy to become a hero. A package of construction paper, some glitter and a bottle of glue and they’re thrilled. I know that will change, but it’s wonderful for now.

    • oh says:

      even when they’ve aged out of glitter and construction paper, they’ll continue to look forward to whatever you might be sending…it’s an awesome precedent.
      Here’s to snail mail!

  • shoreacres says:

    Exactly so. I sent my aunt in Kansas City a paper valentine in the mail this year, and you would have thought I’d wrapped up the entire KC Plaza and dropped it in her lap. So easy to do – why does it so often feel like a huge deal?

    Besides, with the older folks, there’s a lot to be said for having something that can be picked up and re-read a hundred times. When you don’t remember what was said – there it is!

  • marmeladegypsy says:

    Well, I never met a critter that I didn’t want to put clothes on. What can I say — it’s a sick sort of Jeanie thing. So, I’m loving these. And, in the spirit of animals in clothes, not to mention loving Downton Abbey, check out this link if you are a fan. Even if you’re not, it’s a hoot! https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1516354737

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