Sunday, sneeze-y Sunday

April 1, 2012 § 11 Comments

Celebrated Palm Sunday.
Also, drank buckets of coffee in order to get up early and stay up even ’til now.
Updated my reading list.   
And…worked outdoors cuz it was just too gorgeous to stay inside like a baby in a bubble.
Resultantly,I have half emptied nearly a complete tissue box. My sneezes (albeit covered by trapping them in my sleeves or paper mouchoirs) would bounce you right out the front door. Such vigor.

Between those obnoxious achoos,  and with a steady hand (despite them and the coffee!), I started snapping “domestica” wary still of returning outdoors.

And yes, there’s yet another project undertaken and not yet done – getting the artwork in this house grouped and properly mounted in rooms where they will be seen to their best advantage. No, no, nothing flashy or insured. Just some giant pieces and some no bigger than a 4″x6″ photo that we’ve found  and adopted over time.

Ultimately, it’s part of Spring cleaning.
So is this sneezing.

(cereal bowl from this morning)

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§ 11 Responses to Sunday, sneeze-y Sunday

  • It’s a simple photo, but the lighting is great! I like it 🙂

    • oh says:

      you’re right, Wanna. and if I play with this picture a little, it could be a lot more striking. ah, but I move on. Are you taking a picture a day?

      • HAHAHA Ummm… not really lol! I did take it out today and I was so happy! Where I live it’s very cloudy and rainy, so taking it out isn’t always fun. But it was nice and warm today so I took it out and it was a lot of fun 🙂 I’ll be posting some photos tomorrow.

  • Typehype says:

    Gesundheit x 20! געזונטערהייט (in Yiddish). I feel for you — and your sneezes that “would bounce you out of the front door.” LOL great description!

    • oh says:

      We bit off more than could chew this weekend. But I’m not going back out there to do any finishing up of things started, like edging around the garden or pulling weeds or re-stacking the woodpile. No sir. For the next few days it’s go from house directly into garage, into car with windows up, to a/c on and drive to work and park close to building and hold breath and run inside. Repeat in reverse to get home. The air is LADEN with pollen and things that turn you red and puffy. By next week, it should be much improved.

  • I hope the sneezing stops for you soon! I’m envious of all your time outside. Here in Georgia, it seems we went straight to hot, humid stuffy summer temperatures (which also brought out the gnats and mosquitoes!).

    • oh says:

      Mandy! say it isn’t so – say that summer hasn’t already sat down upon the great state of Georgia. Honestly, this weather is enough to confuse a person. We have the a/c on already!

      Hope all is going well there. Did you do the QVC saleabratoin this year? So so much to catch up on!

  • shoreacres says:

    No itchy here, nor sneezy, but lots of eye-watering! So much, it’s been like turning on the proverbial spigot. I finally figured out it was allergies when turning on the AC and taking a benadryl helped!

    I love spring – and spring cleaning. But my gosh – our spring is almost full summer! The oleanders are nearly past bloom, and they’re muttering about record-breaking heat already. You can bet that everyone’s praying the small rains keep up, lest we end up in another drought. Nervousness prevails, but we’re all keeping calm, and carrying on!

    • oh says:

      Keeping calm and carrying on – love it! How fitting and timely that olde expression. indeed these are times that require orderliness, calm and good behavior. (so why do I feel like skipping down the middle of the street and sining?)

      And oh, yes,some rain, please. Your city/port surely cannot have another long hot dry thing going on…nor can we here in the Middle, either – we can’t tolerate such weather behavior. With the seasons doing their own thing, literally, hard to say what summer will actually mean this year.

      Still chucklin over your “ray stevens” entry!

      Please pass the bendryl. And all I did was stick my head out the back door to hear the twilight birds. sheesh.

  • Heather says:

    Adam and I spend all day blessing each other, the sneezing gets so bad. We should be two very blessed people but now (but not bless in the ways of IT unfortunately).

  • marmeladegypsy says:

    A perfect photo of domestica. I noted the pollen count was up after a walk on a lovely day — came back and annoyed my colleagues coughing and sneezing! Even coming home after Rick mowed the lawn started up the cycle again! Go figure. Still, it means the trees are out, the grass is greening up and it’s spring. Ah, nearly Easter. Works for me!

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