Good Friday, great Friday…

April 6, 2012 § 13 Comments

Mowers out early. (but not us)
Pollen. (but took allegra)
Holiday. (so lots of traffic, but who cares? no clocks.)
Headed out on a tour of errands and stop-offs.
HM actually DID pull over at Starbucks (no line!) and had my first ever cherry tart from there (along with main-line coffee) and I’ve been eyeing those mini things for weeks. Not bad! Taste even better when you’re flying off-schedule!

Then, to the Hill.
For our annual pilgrimage.
First stop, Steve’s.
It’s a hot doggery run by singer-rocker Steve Ewing. Having interviewed him for foodie mag, I was curious about the “dog” menu and HM was hungry and so in we went, and there he was and order we did…

HM got the “mac n’ cheese.”Ā  I got the “Madeline.”
Yum. These aren’t just any old dogs. These are smoked and babied and wrapped in fresh made rolls from right across the street. Really. You gotta go there. Ewing started this business a few years back as a food truck after his concerts. Now he rocks the place in the daylight, closes it up by 5 pm and heads out to play a gig 5 nights a week. Meanwhile, he’s in the studio with The Urge, getting a ready to put out a record at the start of summer.

Then to St. Ambrose.

and HM and Nor’s fave pizzeria on the Hill… ( we didn’t stop there today; HM will not resume eating pizza ’til Easter Sunday!)

and then off to an urban flower shop, where I asked the owner if deer would eat the marigolds we were thinking of buying. She smiled and said “I have no idea.”

to be continued….Must go mop the floor and tidy up the rooms – kids are coming home!
and you KNOW I”m going to insert a bunch of flower pictures in the next post!!!! (as I do every year…at least I didn’t make you sit through pictures from MoBot’s orchid show. We didn’t get there!)

stay tuned.

And rather than getting bogged down in a book (and happily so, may I suggest a look at one of the season’s flower and garden magazines? guaranteed not to make you sneeze and guaranteed to give you some ideas!)


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