Still de-decorating…

January 5, 2013 § 8 Comments

Putting away all the holiday decorations should go quickly.
I dwadle.
Yes, many decoration are still up because we traditionally wait ’til Little Christmas.
Most things have been moved to one table to next be tissue-wrapped and put back into the Christmas boxes.
One by one, surfaces are cleared and returned to Pottery Barn-type minimalism.  (No, we do not have Pottery Barn decor. We’re still on the “this-and-that” plan – we like this and we like that,  including old pieces from our families.)
But I’m leaving the greenery (not pictured) along the back fence. The critters like it, and so do I when I’m in the kitchen and look out into the back yard.
Below, before and after on the piano.
But the “after” is gonna get even more uncluttered. (You know what I mean; it’s something about this time of year. Form and Function, those things combining both, are put at the top of the list and remain, while anything considered “clutter” gets relegated to a closet…or a waste bin.)

DSC_0438  DSC_0128


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§ 8 Responses to Still de-decorating…

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m glad to see the eggnog hasn’t been put away!

    “Who’s there?”
    “Egg who?”
    “If you egg me on I’ll pour you another cup!”

  • Arti says:

    Gotcha… to put it philosophically, let’s just call it deconstruction. Back to the very essence of everyday living… But hey, Downton Abbey in 1 DAY’s time! Meet you on Twitter. 😉 There’ll be a live Tweet event … but I’d like to quietly watch it first, don’t you. But, just may want to shout out and share whatever.

  • jeanie says:

    I am totally incapable of putting ANYTHING away till 12th night. Which is today. I’ll replace the Santas with the snow men, and maybe this week the big tree will come down. I just don’t want to see the room without it. And yes, a few other things here and there and soon it will get back to its regular clutter,not the Christmas clutter. And I’ll miss it so very much!

    • oh says:

      I agree, Jeanie! it’s difficult!!! I spent yesterday striking the Christmas set here. Except the trees. And gazing around in some sort of shock at how the house looks, defrocked. harumph. Must spin a new look!

  • aubrey says:

    I always put Xmas into hiding for another year on January 6 – but I was close to bed-ridden when Boyfriend brought in the tree that I really didn’t pay it much attention for a week. So I gave my apartment a few more days of Xmas happy. Now, everything is gone.

    Is it Thanksgiving yet?

  • oh says:

    Ha. Now wWe have now entered seemingly interminable winter grey. But always a day closer to spring…

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