Moving around…

January 12, 2013 § 7 Comments

The trouble with organizing stuff is that once it’s all in a nice tidy stack, on a shelf or in a drawer, so much thought and exertion went into achieving that cleaning-and-tidying that you feel finished with it and may not return to any of the now-organized matter…whereas a lovely old desk piled with tasks and treasures in a more casual manner, off to one side in such a manner if it’s a very large desk therefore leaving workspace, offers up treats, surprises and reminders as you muck through it, all the while aware of and ready to tackle whatever is the major task at hand.


This is how far I’ve gotten…all the stuff that was on this desk is now covering a quarter of the office floor. (Yes, the desk is dusty. Yes, I like pencils though I don’t write stories with them. I use them for making lists.)

And this is not even one of those heirloom desks with drawers, cubbies, pigeon holes and open-out space. It’s a little black build-it-yourself Swedish design though I’m sure that if you examined it closely, there could be a made in china allusion.

Ah, the other issue with organizing (no, it’s not a new year’s resolution) is that it’s procrastination, keeping one away from the blank page that needs filling.

TIP: Get something on that first page, whether it’s a zentangle, one word written in large letters, a postcard pasted there or an arrow pointing you to the next pages! Then you can begin on the second page.  (this tip, paraphrased, comes from the book RAW ART JOURNALING by Quinn MacDonald.  Art and writing – so intertwined.)



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§ 7 Responses to Moving around…

  • I love your tip! In fact, I am going to see if I can find that book during my library trip today!! Thank you!

  • Typehype says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to blow the dust off my desk! Your nod to the heirloom desk made me so nostalgic. As a kid, I had an oak roll top desk. I’ve always longed for one as an adult. I love those little cubbies and drawers and the memories, now lost, I hid inside them.

  • Bella Rum says:

    You’ve reminded me that my desk could use a little organizing at the moment. It’s a painted door with a sheet of glass on top. We placed the door on top of two file cabinets. I carved out a workspace in the middle. The rest is covered with all manner of things. When the mood strikes, I clear everything off and wash the glass. Not too often does the mood strike.

  • Arti says:

    But has this ever happened to you… after you’ve cleaned up and organized, you’ll start losing things. Like for me, I remember exactly where which is under which or in what pile of mess.

    So, how do you like DA E2?

  • shoreacres says:

    It’s a constant struggle around here – that staying organized business. I’m one of those unfortunate ones that not only wants an organized desk, I want an organized house – which I don’t always have. Because I can see the kitchen and living room from where I work, I have to keep those tidy or I keep getting distracted by the dishes in the sink, piles of mail, etc.

    As a matter of fact… I’m just looking around… oh, my!

  • Care says:

    I love to organize but always want to have plenty of time – knowing I will get lost in rediscover or cool things I’ve shelved here there and everywhere.

  • jeanie says:

    Great tip — and you remind me of me. I decided to make valentines over the weekend — so far, so good. Except the desk/art table was filled with stuff. Things not put away from Christmas. Last year’s calendar. Embellishment doodads that came from somewhere but I am not sure where. Travel brochures from St. Louis and yes, Europe (no excuse on those!). Business cards, scissors, glue. SO, I cleaned it all off and did my arty thing as you can see. Now I have to organize my floor. And you know, I really don’t feel like it!

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