A boxing we will go…and there’s a bit about a book here, too

April 21, 2010 § 26 Comments

Oh, the darn mirrors!  I realize they help observe “form” but egads…

Nory won an opportunity to take ten friends to a boxing class and asked me and we didn’t know what to expect other than we might be out of our comfort zones (totally) and one of my great friends came along (so I wouldn’t be the sole middle-ager) and we got there and milled around a bit, asking questions and waiting for the second trainer to arrive and then there were real training gloves to don which was very cool and immediately transformed my attitude and energy and then the music came on and our trainer began demonstrating and shouting out directions and there we were jump roping and punching bags (as pictured above) and scooting around aerobically and kicking and punching and cardio-ing and weirdly, everything started to get easier as we went along except for the fatigue part where you think your arms will fall off and then we were “on the floor” doing crunches and crazy planks on our sides and then we were back up to punch and kick and starting to get the hang of it even though turning to rubber at the same time and glad I didn’t have to do 15 rounds in a ring which I still can’t imagine, and then we were up and down and up and down with tips and encouragement along the way and then suddenly, we were done.

Forty-five minutes went like this (insert snapping of fingers) and then there we were all pathetically drenched in sweat and no one minded and no one cared about their hair and everyone felt lighter, relaxed, and very worked out.
So thank you Nory for opening another door!

Denouement: We’re signing up for class once a week. “Once a week will change your life,” said the trainer. 

Me, Nory and friends, post-workout!

The Pugilist at Rest
by Thom Jones has been on my shelf for years. I read it as soon as  I purchased it, read it all the way through, searching for why he was considered a prize winning story-ist (he won an O Henry for his title short story). I don’t think I “got it” at the time. I think I need to go back and read him now. Though there was a lot of pain as well as boxing and also the Viet Nam war in his stories, I am curious again about his style and craft and overall what caught Updike’s eye when he included Jones in a Best Short Stories anthology.

write on wednesday, first wed in December

December 3, 2008 § 5 Comments

writeonwednesday: Do you find that physical activity inspires your creativity?  What’s works best for you – walking, running, dancing, kickboxing?  How do you get in touch with your body, and use that awareness to inform your writing?  How do you keep your body and mind in balance? 

Becca, leading W.O.W. , offers this week’s prompt

Movement as inspiration?
Yes. Even leaving the desk, walking to the kitchen or outside to fill the birdfeeders can clear the clutter. It’s like a healthy “pause” button in the writing game. Surely I don’t do enough of it until suddenly I realize I need a walk outdoors to get air, to really breathe. Resistant phrases tumble into place. To avoid running back to the keyboard, I carry a Moleskine when I’m out walking. (and it makes me “feel” writerly.)
I can only imagine what kickboxing would do for me. It might change my writing all together.

Yes, it’s walking. Striding, really. I love to stride.

In touch with my body and use it to inform my writing?
Hmmm … I think that might actually have more to do with what I choose to wear than with my stretching and walking. Fashion pops up in my fiction (and non-fiction) partly because it’s an immediate visual, it often tells something of the person – not how much they spend, no. It’s about how they put things together, how they allow the world or want the world to see them.

the body and mind in balance … ah, aha!
I don’t know. I’d have to say that writing and walking are two of the things that keep me in balance overall. Go too long without one or the other, and I’m a bit of a scowl.

Six Word Saturday …

September 13, 2008 § 4 Comments

(photo taken on Gulf beach between hurricanes)

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