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October 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

(pictures from the patio)
I know, I know. More flower pictures.  But these are (nearly) the last of the morning glories as the reality of Frost edges closer on the calendar. These little beauties who sing with light are such a send-off in the morning as I click-click-click in my heels to the car, clutching keys and purse and there they are, going intesely about the business of beauty and stopping me in my 8-5 tracks. They are such shouting welcomers when we get home – yes, they stay open because the light isn’t nearly so intense and they cover the brick wall at the back end of the driveway, waiting all day to cheer our return. They are Fall weather thrivers.

I haven’t been writing nearly as much; just notes and nonsense and silly sketches in my  journal.  As though in preparation for something bigger to write.  I walk and wander with my camera in my free time (ahahaha – please define free time!) and you are my patient friends stuck, for now, with flowers.

One of my favorite editors has left her job. Having seen changes in the publisher and publication, she has opted instead to throw herself into the freelance world. We have worked together for years. Without her at that magazine’s helm, I have lost interest in pursuing feature writing there. I might have made that decision soon anyway; it’s time to write without deadlines, but write nonetheless. (See LitLove’s entry on deadlines.)

This is a gorgeously noisy yet tranquil world, with glimpses of stories everywhere, of things to capture and cook up and tell while sitting around the fire, later, in the warm dark of the evening.

Pollen warriors…

October 2, 2011 § 11 Comments




Dear old Bumble gets so heavy he nearly cannot fly and takes time to dust off a bit before launching again into the next sweet flower.

Moth or butterfly? I  know not. But with  yellow veins,legs, and antennae, she’s a lovely show and seems to know which flowers show off her complexion to its utmost.


August 21, 2011 § 14 Comments


Attended mini writers’ conference. (I know, I know. I need to be writing…but no… in fact, have been stalling, by reading!)
Just finished two books. Both chick lit.
     THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING by…forgot. (yes, I really did read it. Awful. From the bargain shelf.)
     BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by J Weiner. (No big whoop. She’s kind of like comfort food reading at this point.)
I am now swearing off chick lit/beach reads. 
Movies with HM to see THE HELP. Yes,  I liked it. Loved the book. Like the movie.
Signed up for Journaling class for fall “semester” with Mom and her friends.
Cleaning home office.
Thinking about blogging.
Laundry. Lots of it in the summer time.
Thinking about freelance assignments.
Studying manuals on using my camera.
Trip to MoBot…(yes I will be subjecting you to pictures -see below as teaser.)
More thinking about where this blog is going.
Mowing lawn. (that was last week. It’s time again).
Off to mow before I start tooling here too long. Though I’d love to stay.

Flower power…

August 17, 2011 § 11 Comments

Summer…little creatures

July 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

Archie ponders which side of the fence to sit on.
He will opt for going “right,” into the greenery of the sunflowers that are springing up around the birdfeeder.
He will, in fact, decide to climb one of the sunflowers to reach the feeder.
That little endeavor will fail.
Undaunted, he will spend long minutes beneath the shade of the sunflower leaves eating seeds that the greedy birds have dropped or flung about in their manic feeding moments.

Archie is indeed the quintessential suburban squirrel.


June 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

“It’s over 90 and it’s not even 10,” she said.

The beauty of language.
She was talking about the temperature and the time of day. 
The  flowers were nonchalant, blowing in the early heat, having sipped a dewy cocktail and danced in a garden hose spritz.



May 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

(mmmmmm….chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast! Thanks, HM)

Wishing all of you  the inherent sweetness of motherhood!
And whoever ordered up the sunshine and birdsong for today – THANK YOU! It’s gorgeous.

Good Friday, Great Friday…

April 22, 2011 § 16 Comments

It’s Good Friday.
Amazingly, it’s a corporate “floating” holiday.
It is moreover a day wrought with spiritual symbolism, full of darkness and imminent light.

It’s dark on this Midwest morning as I ponder atoning for not having written all week.
The sound of the laptop keys is… annoying, actually.

It’s a pen and paper day.
A silly day to run errands and do all those make-up tasks that working families don’t typically get to during the week.
I gaze around the kitchen, at the floor that needs a scrubbing, at this table that wants a lovely cloth over its heirloom mottled wood-ness.

In spite of the wind and constant spit of  rain, there is a suburban mower at work; the machine drones like a drill.
I’ve already put in  a load of laundry.
Read? No.
Work? (there’s tons of it piled up here). No, I’ll sweep it away to the desk upstairs.

Here at the kitchen counter, we’ll make lists for Easter dinner and the baskets. Of course we’ll do baskets! HM will deliver a basket to Snarl at university next Tuesday. Snarl will laugh and say all that sugar is awful. He’ll eat the contents nonetheless, sharing with friends. Nor will have hers with some Eastery plushness.

At church there will be lilies.
It will be good to see them, to smell them, to embrace Easter from the hardness of the church pew.

HM will wake up the kitchen.Nor will come home very early from her fiance’s parents’ house. My mom will share the afternoon and dinner with us, too. We will get outdoors, no matter the mood of  M. Nature.

Easter is the wonderful thing about Spring.

So, how was your day, hon?

April 14, 2011 § 12 Comments

(photo taken at Missouri Botanical Garden)

HIM: So, how was your day, love?
HER:  Mmmmm…very nice, very nice.  A bit of this, a bit of that. How about yours?
HIM:  Pretty much the same old, same old.
HER:  Darling…look…who is that over there? Just past the Big Red Tree? See where I mean? I don’t recognize them, do you?
HIM: Oh, I think those are the new neighbors. He seems like a rather upright fellow, but you can’t really tell about her, can you? I mean, if one were to judge by her headdress…
HER: Clearly she’s not from around here. Come on, let’s go say hello, and welcome them to the neighborhood. 
HIM: Now? really? Shouldn’t we change, spiff up a bit?
HER:  (laughs) You look fine, my love. Come on, let’s invite them over for a bit of wine, yes? Just do that charming smile of yours.
HIM: How can I ever say no to you and your remarkable feathers?
HER: Why would you want to?

And so Friday night kicks off with a little peace and love.

(contained) bliss…

April 6, 2011 § 5 Comments

It’s a fine thing to know that Nature is going on out there even while you’re holding a mere pen and sitting indoors at a desk where there is no weather.

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