plum crazy…

September 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

Actually I’m not a fan of plums, but HM is.  And they looked appealing at the fresh market. What doesn’t?  A person is likely to pick up food simply because fresh markets play on the fresh pure natural “now” artfully-stacked just-in-from-the-field concept. 
Now that’s marketing worth falling for.
Still, I’m not  plum crazy.

I am, however, holiday crazy.
And whilst I hum and polish and rake and scrub around the house and grounds this morning, I wish everyone the right to a holiday and a holiday proper, fitting their definition.

Happy Labor Day, whether your labor is your leisure or vice versa.

So far on Sunday…

August 31, 2008 § 5 Comments

I stood so still to snap some of these pictures that a morning glory vine started to wrap around my arm. I swear to God, it’s true.  A little freaky.

The bees were so loud and busy – they sounded like trucks going by on a distant highway. They got so pollen-heavy, they had to rest and clean up or push it into their little pouches or whatever they do with all that glorious golden stuff. We are so glad to see them back this summer in full force. It was quiet without their constant hum last year.

Yawn. sigh. That’s my kidz reactions to these pics from the backyard cafe garden this morning. I’ll be dropping in and out all day as I journal-blog, just for the fun of it. It is, after all, a holiday weekend.

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