cool…(definition of)

October 17, 2010 § 8 Comments

Not unusual, I am passionate about having the right to vote, as a human and as a woman, although I’d likely never be recognized as a flag waving, opinion-spewing civil politico.

Still, when we all stood for the national anthem at the last Cardinals game two weeks ago and discovered that we, the fans, were singing the national anthem, it was pretty freakin’ moving. 

Given the first four notes by the organist (his last game, last day), we sang a  cappella from the fifth note, forward.
We stayed together.
We hit the “high” notes.
When we finished, there was this pause, then uninhibited cheering.

Forty-four thousand people singing Keye’s composition.
Surely a  defining moment in the life of the word “cool.”


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