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July 10, 2011 § 5 Comments



June 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

“It’s over 90 and it’s not even 10,” she said.

The beauty of language.
She was talking about the temperature and the time of day. 
The  flowers were nonchalant, blowing in the early heat, having sipped a dewy cocktail and danced in a garden hose spritz.


Wee summer songs, tree trilling voices

May 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

The wee tree frog of Cafe Lochcrest. His house is a gouge of a knot in the poolside maple.

Sometimes he sits silently.
Sometimes he sings his poems to the moon.

Sun on March snow…see how it cascades from the tree?

March 27, 2011 § 13 Comments

In like a lion,out like a lamb…that is often our beloved month of March however you can reverse the “lion” and “lamb” part this year. 
Last night the lion aspect roared snow all over us.
I am not amused.

HM and I were going to walk through the Botanical Gardens today, admiring STL’s version of cherry blossoms, that is, the flowering dogwoods and redbuds.
HM says it will be snowing again by midnight.
I’m not talking to  him.

I am taking my coffee and headed to my desk until someone shovels the driveway.
Spring, wherefore art thou?

N.B. This is NOT a complaint entry. I realize there are disasters going on globally and this is not even a mere drop in the bucket, this spring snow, compared to those realities.

deep down, it’s always books…

January 19, 2011 § 17 Comments

Some days, there is no writing.
You want it, you want to write and you have everything you need, including a little time.
And yet, there’s nothing for it.
Theres’ ink in the pen but  it just isn’t happening.
You don’t panic. It’s not “block.” It just isn’t anything. That’s ok.

So, hooked on the book thing nonetheless, you retire to the “studio” to try out the camera on its manual setting. Maybe in this muse-bereft moment you can forsake the camera’s “auto” setting and try something new. Shake things up a little.

(photo taken of book “Santa Diaries” in basement using special lightbox from HM)

Writing Lesson:

Even when you don’t write, at least hang around the book barnyard.

Recommended Read:
Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani.
Truth? I haven’t read this book yet. I’m finishing a mystery I’ll tell you about later. But Nor is reading, say it’s a combo of SATC and the movie “Moonstruck” but more emphasis on Moonstruck, and she loves it. Good enough for me! I seem to be in a read-for-entertainment-mode lately.

Cup of Tea?

December 28, 2010 § 6 Comments

It’s brilliant outside. Sun on snow. Snow melting in some places and blowing off the branches in others.
It’s brilliant inside. No schedule. No must-dos.  Just thank you notes, which I look forward to doing as I also ponder making something luscious to eat. I do not ponder food during work weeks. This is bliss.

And making tea.  I’m making a pot of peppermint but will totally honor individual requests…because you’re invited.

The Sublime of the Ancient Beagle…

December 20, 2010 § 12 Comments

While we run around shopping; wrapping; singing, working; driving in circles wondering where the store entrance or parking lot exit is; stuffing the down comforter into the duvet (what the heck kind of an exercise is that, anyway?; while we write clever tags, try to tie knots that don’t slip even tho’ the ribbon is satinesque; through it all….the beagle finds solace in something soft, and this time, with a holiday message!

Coming soon: the beagle explains why Oh has been inconsistent in her blog presence, er, presents, nope, that’s presence.

Happy Holidays, all!

holiday warm…

December 4, 2010 § 16 Comments

There is still a great deal of decorating to be done, mostly because the household loves Christmas, loves living in the midst of it, the green, the gold, the red, the reindeer, the Christmas trees, the angels, the creche, the fire in the hearth.

But tonight, having written a few cards and strung lights on the balcony and enjoyed a long lunch at a cantina after a week of full tilt corporate projects and really early mornings alone in the kitchen, writing, writing, writing ’til the freelance piece was handed in yesterday, tonight I’m recharging, writing notes to old friends and just saying “hey” out there in Blogworld.

Book Recommend:
One of the bookshelves in my office just fell apart as I tried to move it just a little to center it under a painting. Fell. Completely. Apart.
Annoyed I have sworn not to ever buy one of those DIY things again. It’s already out back by the garbage can. And every book on it is stacked in one of three giant stacks agains the wall where the shelf was.  What’s my point? I can’t think of a book at the moment. I can’t think of one that should join this stack. Surely by morning, my bookshelf-failure-and-concomitant-mess- annoyance will have dissipated. I am somewhat concerned that this is a sign that I shouldn’t have anymore books. Til I’ve read all the ones I have.  That can’t be, can it?
OK, ok, who are we kidding here? But I’m going to go a little off track and rather than a book, mention a magazine.
Martha Stewart’s LIVING December 2010 issue.
Just got it yesterday to celebrate being out at lunch with a writer friend.
Will I do any of the recipes within?
Will I set the table just so, copying the pages?
Maybe, maybe not.
But a holiday magazine is a powerful indulgence and I recommend it, whether you’re an Art, a Lifestyle, a Crafts, a Lit or a Hollywood magazine lover, this is the month to have one; they’re all glitzy and decked out.

book “cool”

October 24, 2010 § 9 Comments

It’s all about used, I mean, recycled books, mags, movies, instruments, electronics and DVDs at Bookmans, in biz for 30 years now in Arizona, specifically the Tuscon, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Mesa areas.
Its six stores totalled retail space comprise 114,000 square feet and it continues to re-define recycled as it grows, simultaneously offering cultural events, classes (like Yoga) and fundraisers and it fights sincerely against censorship. 
Who couldn’t love it? Bookmans also has a blog.
One more major thing: the Bookman stores are also pet-friendly. Geez.
Oh yeah, and offer free Wi-Fi.

 Road trip, anyone?

PS Apparently online purchasing via Bookmans is coming soon! 
Me likey.

So go ahead, check out the youtube video for fun. It’s dominos –  with books!

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