Still de-decorating…

January 5, 2013 § 8 Comments

Putting away all the holiday decorations should go quickly.
I dwadle.
Yes, many decoration are still up because we traditionally wait ’til Little Christmas.
Most things have been moved to one table to next be tissue-wrapped and put back into the Christmas boxes.
One by one, surfaces are cleared and returned to Pottery Barn-type minimalism.  (No, we do not have Pottery Barn decor. We’re still on the “this-and-that” plan – we like this and we like that,  including old pieces from our families.)
But I’m leaving the greenery (not pictured) along the back fence. The critters like it, and so do I when I’m in the kitchen and look out into the back yard.
Below, before and after on the piano.
But the “after” is gonna get even more uncluttered. (You know what I mean; it’s something about this time of year. Form and Function, those things combining both, are put at the top of the list and remain, while anything considered “clutter” gets relegated to a closet…or a waste bin.)

DSC_0438  DSC_0128


July 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

It ain’t all peaches and cream. Did I say we laugh as we bump into one another in the kitchen? Not if the other guy is holding a paintbrush. Went to work yesterday with a slash of white paint on my arm that I didn’t notice until Meeting #1. By meeting #3, I was glued to my chair, carefully “unshowing” my white-on-tan-body art.

And cooking in there is getting hellacious. Most stuff has been swept from the counters and hidden (as though the cupboard and pantry doors will keep out the insidious dust from sanding the walls and the wood trim!) But you better wipe everything off before cooking in it, drinking from it or putting food on it. This is enough to dissuade the most savvy cook and I’m not even close to being a savvy cook. In the magazine stories, the family is always going out to eat during renovation. Let’s get serious here, people!

Snarl cleans up as he goes which is remarkable really. But the kitchen table, (no, I didn’t picture that in the last blog, did I?) is a fright, loaded with buckets of paint, the sander, the Xacto knife (TM), the screwdriver, pictures that were once hung up, putty knives, spackle, etc etc etc. Ah, my beloved table that we lugged all over Brooklyn, NYC, NJ, NC, FL and here!  And it, too, will be under construction when the paint is finally drying on the walls – the table gets stripped, sanded and refinished.

I see it. I see what people have warned me about. The ripple effect. We began with the walls. We’ll just “refresh” them – remove the wallpaper and paint the walls. It will be nice. uh huh. Yeah. Now we’re talking new sink, refinished cabinets and have already ordered new patio doors.

Sigh. I am NOT cooking tonight. I have been eyeing the foyer floor, though. Now that we have a sander, I could sand that floor and refinish it…ok, no.

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