when snow is a good thing…

December 29, 2012 § 6 Comments

DSC_0498 It snowed last night. We all came out of a restaurant and into a transformation of the trees, the holiday lights, the shop windows and the ground underfoot! Nor took off her shoes to get to the car but HM hurried ahead and charged through the lot to get the car to rescue all of us from the slippery slopes that normally would be nothing more than easy pavement.

With no camera at hand, there was nothing more than memory to capture the moments of the snow: the delight as though we were in a huge carriage; the gladness for a warm coat; the reflections from fogged home-y windows sporting wreaths and lit garlands; the silence of the snow as tho’ all were paused, listening for the sound of snowflake on  trees; the quick memory of snow as a child and the wish to rush off and find a sled; the way laughter sounds in the thick white air; the “hush” that comes with holiday giving us time, giving us some sort of shelter in which to ponder all that is good and all that can be good.

This picture, taken from our front porch, doesn’t capture the tiny flakes and  swirl. Imagine.

Sun on March snow…see how it cascades from the tree?

March 27, 2011 § 13 Comments

In like a lion,out like a lamb…that is often our beloved month of March however you can reverse the “lion” and “lamb” part this year. 
Last night the lion aspect roared snow all over us.
I am not amused.

HM and I were going to walk through the Botanical Gardens today, admiring STL’s version of cherry blossoms, that is, the flowering dogwoods and redbuds.
HM says it will be snowing again by midnight.
I’m not talking to  him.

I am taking my coffee and headed to my desk until someone shovels the driveway.
Spring, wherefore art thou?

N.B. This is NOT a complaint entry. I realize there are disasters going on globally and this is not even a mere drop in the bucket, this spring snow, compared to those realities.

Into the New Year…

January 2, 2011 § 17 Comments

(photo of “bear” napkin ring taken on kitchen counter.)

No lists or summaries, no best or worst ofs, no top 10s or 20s…
Interesting that WordPress sends out a stat summary for 2010, which included a funny little pie chart, registering in the “wow!” section which it likely did (I hope) for all WordPressers!

Nope, no wrap ups or must-haves/should-haves…

But resolutions? Mmmmm, I prefer the word “challenge” which is more of a game than a resolution.
So, here are my challenge gauntlets:
   to blog with more focus (what on earth does that mean? I dunno, but Litlove just did a great post on it and nailed it)
   to whittle down (that is, read) the TBR stack 
   to meet my own challenge (though there are so many intriguing challenges out there in Blogworld that tempt) and here it is: Write a short piece of fiction, a complete story (story-ette? 500 to 2,000 words) every week. To result in 52 stories. No other “rules.”  Just, do it. Sure, I’ll let you know how it goes.

There are a million other logs one could throw on the challenge fire, but rather than creating a bonfire of them, I’ll do my best to maintain a nice steady glow in the hearth.

Thank you to all of you for book titles and ideas and inspiration and cheers and understanding and comments and quiet reads and support and humor and honesty and ‘being there’ in 2010 and here’s to a raucous wonderful creative 2011 with you!

PS And thank you for getting me back to the library. There’s a new branch near my house, sort of, and it’s wonderful. Seriously. Yes, I still go to B&N, but there, I drink coffee and write. It has become, for me, the American cafe. I might browse books and mags, but it stops there, except for jotting down things I might want to borrow at the library! Yay! Really, thank you all for that.

Just one snowflake on Fifth…

December 22, 2010 § 14 Comments

winter knocks and enters…

December 1, 2010 § 17 Comments

Pine in early fall, photographed at Big Cedar.

Pine in (very) earlyDecember (using photo filter to imagine how it will look when winter touches it).

We had flurries last night.
The air is dry and cold and hand cream is already necessary.

A  winter note…on wearing mittens and lipstick:
Don’t wear both. One gets stuck in the other, when for instance, you cover your mouth when you sneeze outdoors, or if you were to take a warming swipe at your cold nose, or if you’re brushing crumbs from your mouth. (Why are you eating outside, with mittens on?)

Anyway, all those tiny little mitten hairs love to stick to lipstick. And lipstick loves to implant itself among those luxurious mitten fibers.
So if forced to choose between the two, I’d have to take…gloves.

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