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September 23, 2012 § 9 Comments

More pictures for more flavor of Balloon Glow.



































Balloon boulevard…

September 22, 2012 § 8 Comments

The annual Balloon Glow in Forest Park was brilliant with the hot air beasties.

More than 3,000 attendees watched up close and personally as dozens of hot air balloons were “lighting up”when the siren signal was given every 8 minutes or so after dark last Friday night.
Music, camaraderie, highland pipers, neon vendors, dogs, babies in cadillac strollers, parents relaxed in the post-sunset dark, couples holding hands and conversatoins – all party-ers for an evening on the green of an urban park…where the World’s Fair once took place more than a hundred years ago.

The balloon race was the next day. A St. Louisan won it. Balloons represented “Curves,” “Wells Fargo,” Peabody,” “Wehrenberg Theatre,” “State Farm,” “Energize,” and many many more.

Summer at the circus…

September 12, 2012 § 7 Comments

Circus Flora plays almost solely to St. Louis crowds. We caught the last show on the last day. It was hot and the circus acts were hotter. Enthralling. No, not the usual word to describe a circus, much less a one huge-tent, one ring, Euro-style circus that annually write scripts to pull all their acts together and marry costumes from one scene to another.

Before the show began under the big top, though, this little performer warmed up by having an icee while stealing floor space near the Snake Man. He might have been her father.

She would come out in the third act, holding hands with the 2-year-old son of Nino, the circus’s feature clown.

Little Pinky here has circus in her aspect and old soul in her face.





Summer…coffee…really? yes!

September 9, 2012 § 15 Comments

My Dad used to drink coffee even in the heat of the upstate New York summer (temperatures then and there averaged around 73 degrees farenheit).
“Why?”I once asked him, thinking that classic Coke was the only thirst quencher during the heat of an Adirondack summer.
He explained that though it might make him sweat, any resultant sweat would actually cool him down, especially when a foothills breeze kicked up.

He might have answered my young-pup self, stating that he just plain loved coffee.
Becuase he did.
Also, in the ’60s, it was promorted as “think drink.” I liked that idea and years later, while at college, I found coffee-and-a-cigarette to be just the morning eye-opener. (OK, not for long on the cigarettes…sometime after studying in France, I gave them up, not enjoying the feeling of an army walking across my chest when waking.)

I did not give up coffee. It’s like I inherited the coffee gene from my Dad (impossible, he was my step-dad) and I consider it a luxury, as dessert, as a meal (sometimes at work, yeah, I know what you’re going to say) and as a date with HM, whether we’re cafe-ing or sitting in the living room, talking, reading and sipping.

Here’s a favorite place in St. Louis that you just might want to try out. They serve free trade coffee and somehow brew it strong without that miserable burned acid kick that so many places proudly brew. When in town, give it a whirl. It’s Shaw’s. Shaw’s Coffee LTD is privately owned, publicly popular!

Good Friday, great Friday…

April 6, 2012 § 13 Comments

Mowers out early. (but not us)
Pollen. (but took allegra)
Holiday. (so lots of traffic, but who cares? no clocks.)
Headed out on a tour of errands and stop-offs.
HM actually DID pull over at Starbucks (no line!) and had my first ever cherry tart from there (along with main-line coffee) and I’ve been eyeing those mini things for weeks. Not bad! Taste even better when you’re flying off-schedule!

Then, to the Hill.
For our annual pilgrimage.
First stop, Steve’s.
It’s a hot doggery run by singer-rocker Steve Ewing. Having interviewed him for foodie mag, I was curious about the “dog” menu and HM was hungry and so in we went, and there he was and order we did…

HM got the “mac n’ cheese.”  I got the “Madeline.”
Yum. These aren’t just any old dogs. These are smoked and babied and wrapped in fresh made rolls from right across the street. Really. You gotta go there. Ewing started this business a few years back as a food truck after his concerts. Now he rocks the place in the daylight, closes it up by 5 pm and heads out to play a gig 5 nights a week. Meanwhile, he’s in the studio with The Urge, getting a ready to put out a record at the start of summer.

Then to St. Ambrose.

and HM and Nor’s fave pizzeria on the Hill… ( we didn’t stop there today; HM will not resume eating pizza ’til Easter Sunday!)

and then off to an urban flower shop, where I asked the owner if deer would eat the marigolds we were thinking of buying. She smiled and said “I have no idea.”

to be continued….Must go mop the floor and tidy up the rooms – kids are coming home!
and you KNOW I”m going to insert a bunch of flower pictures in the next post!!!! (as I do every year…at least I didn’t make you sit through pictures from MoBot’s orchid show. We didn’t get there!)

stay tuned.

And rather than getting bogged down in a book (and happily so, may I suggest a look at one of the season’s flower and garden magazines? guaranteed not to make you sneeze and guaranteed to give you some ideas!)

Top 10 things about winning the World Series…from a fan’s point of view

October 29, 2011 § 14 Comments

PICTURED:  at Game 6:
D wearing white cap, clapping and  seated to left of Nor; Nor in pink knit hat looking at game; Snarl in black cap and red vest and leaning next to Nor, listening to her;  and HM, seated next to Snarl, in red cap and white moustache and clapping –  at Game 6. (haven’t downloaded pics from Game 7 yet!)

1. Being part of  a “code”: Cardinals fans know what a “rally squirrel” is, what it means to chant Ya-di, that Berkman has a grand sense of humor and intense game focus, that Pujols should not be walked, that Freese offers great wordplay including “deep freeze,” that LaRussa has an impacable game face…

2. Loving a team. Even more. But you always have. It’s a regional thing. A cultural thing. An osmosis thing. You would defend their individual honor if pressed to do so, whether by the water cooler or in a lineup.

3. Being part of a “grand scheme.” First the games and then  the divisional wins. And now the Big Kahuna of championships, and you belong!!!!

4. That moment, that high, albeit ephemeral for a fan, when your team is ahead and throws the last strike against the other team. A moment that transfixes while life rushes ahead and they’re on the field, piling on one another in congratulations and you’re still standing there, feeling that last winning pitch moment, reeling…and then hugging everyone. 

5. Understanding perserverance.Someone has to win and this time it’s your team, it’s you. Because they’re good. Not because they’re lucky, not because they’re a shot in the dark, not because they’re a Cinderella team but because they are good – really really good at the game.

6. The rock-concert high that’s being part of a crowd insane with delight – no whoop or holler is too loud, no screams of delight are too odd, no talking to the players, egging them on during the game, is too wrong. (we were NOT into booing or deriding the other team. no, really, we were not.)

7. It’s real. It’s not a screenplay or a book or anything at all that was contrived. This is real life, real sports, unfolding in real time and brilliantly done, beyond ordinary expectation or a scripted perfect ending. It’s all real.

8. The power of communal effort and vibes for the greater good.  Cheering contributes to team effort. Or, it really seems so. And that’s good enough. And our team thanked us. Midwest down home stuff? Don’t care – it’s sincere.

9. Believing. It’s not just winning that makes you believe; it’s being there. It’s knowing that deep down you knew something like this huge WIN could actually truly literally happen.

10. Interacting positively with 100s and 1000s  of people you’ve never seen before. We talked in line waiting to get into the stadium; we talked to one another in our seats and in line for the loo and at the refreshement stands; we whooped, hollered, hooted, trilled and laughed as we spilled down the stairs and escalators on our way out of the stadium to meet another huge crowd who’d gathered outside the gates to feel the win. Traipsing toward our cars, crossing streets, circling clusters of cops who were smilingly benign, there were high fives and hugs unhesitatingly given and shared – have any of us spent so much time smiling at one time, ever?

Then going home to watch everything again on TV and remembering every moment.  And the interviews! and the Cardinal clubhouse celebration!  Ah, there are more than 10 things about winning.

The above are written in the glow of the autumn morning afterwards, where indeed all the leaves have not fallen off the trees and the light is golden, like the win last night.


August 21, 2011 § 14 Comments


Attended mini writers’ conference. (I know, I know. I need to be writing…but no… in fact, have been stalling, by reading!)
Just finished two books. Both chick lit.
     THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING by…forgot. (yes, I really did read it. Awful. From the bargain shelf.)
     BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by J Weiner. (No big whoop. She’s kind of like comfort food reading at this point.)
I am now swearing off chick lit/beach reads. 
Movies with HM to see THE HELP. Yes,  I liked it. Loved the book. Like the movie.
Signed up for Journaling class for fall “semester” with Mom and her friends.
Cleaning home office.
Thinking about blogging.
Laundry. Lots of it in the summer time.
Thinking about freelance assignments.
Studying manuals on using my camera.
Trip to MoBot…(yes I will be subjecting you to pictures -see below as teaser.)
More thinking about where this blog is going.
Mowing lawn. (that was last week. It’s time again).
Off to mow before I start tooling here too long. Though I’d love to stay.

the backyard…

June 21, 2011 § 10 Comments

These are the things that go on while we’re all at work…
(that is…I mean…I assume so – this was snapped saturday morning before we joined the suburban throng doing errands)

So, how was your day, hon?

April 14, 2011 § 12 Comments

(photo taken at Missouri Botanical Garden)

HIM: So, how was your day, love?
HER:  Mmmmm…very nice, very nice.  A bit of this, a bit of that. How about yours?
HIM:  Pretty much the same old, same old.
HER:  Darling…look…who is that over there? Just past the Big Red Tree? See where I mean? I don’t recognize them, do you?
HIM: Oh, I think those are the new neighbors. He seems like a rather upright fellow, but you can’t really tell about her, can you? I mean, if one were to judge by her headdress…
HER: Clearly she’s not from around here. Come on, let’s go say hello, and welcome them to the neighborhood. 
HIM: Now? really? Shouldn’t we change, spiff up a bit?
HER:  (laughs) You look fine, my love. Come on, let’s invite them over for a bit of wine, yes? Just do that charming smile of yours.
HIM: How can I ever say no to you and your remarkable feathers?
HER: Why would you want to?

And so Friday night kicks off with a little peace and love.

(contained) bliss…

April 6, 2011 § 5 Comments

It’s a fine thing to know that Nature is going on out there even while you’re holding a mere pen and sitting indoors at a desk where there is no weather.

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