September 17, 2012 § 3 Comments

Little Archie comes creeping, creeping on little fingered paws. She’s come nearly every morning (that Í’ve been looking) for a drink, taking the same path, taking the same pauses midway.

She’s a third gen nearby-tree squirrel as far as I can tell and she often travels alone tho’ I think she has two brothers. Very wary and very fleet, she is. This birdbath (or was it really for holding seeds? We don’t know)…anyway, this birdbath used to be Huck’s outdoor drinking bowl in the summer. So he thought. He lapped up the water whether it was hot or cold, fresh from the hose. Which is partly why we are not annoyed or astounded that Archie sips here. Huck wouldn’t have cared. We are tickled to see a critter braving the wall and sitting up to put her paws on the side of the bowl to drink.

Then she scampers off to eat her fill of sunflower hulls and hominies.



September 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

Summer is stories around the crackling campfire.
One’s imagination is fueled by the story that fills up all the quiet beyond the firelight.

Summer has been…hot

September 14, 2012 § 11 Comments

It was so hot in the midst of summer that…flowers melted.


Summer at the circus…

September 12, 2012 § 7 Comments

Circus Flora plays almost solely to St. Louis crowds. We caught the last show on the last day. It was hot and the circus acts were hotter. Enthralling. No, not the usual word to describe a circus, much less a one huge-tent, one ring, Euro-style circus that annually write scripts to pull all their acts together and marry costumes from one scene to another.

Before the show began under the big top, though, this little performer warmed up by having an icee while stealing floor space near the Snake Man. He might have been her father.

She would come out in the third act, holding hands with the 2-year-old son of Nino, the circus’s feature clown.

Little Pinky here has circus in her aspect and old soul in her face.





Summer…coffee…really? yes!

September 9, 2012 § 15 Comments

My Dad used to drink coffee even in the heat of the upstate New York summer (temperatures then and there averaged around 73 degrees farenheit).
“Why?”I once asked him, thinking that classic Coke was the only thirst quencher during the heat of an Adirondack summer.
He explained that though it might make him sweat, any resultant sweat would actually cool him down, especially when a foothills breeze kicked up.

He might have answered my young-pup self, stating that he just plain loved coffee.
Becuase he did.
Also, in the ’60s, it was promorted as “think drink.” I liked that idea and years later, while at college, I found coffee-and-a-cigarette to be just the morning eye-opener. (OK, not for long on the cigarettes…sometime after studying in France, I gave them up, not enjoying the feeling of an army walking across my chest when waking.)

I did not give up coffee. It’s like I inherited the coffee gene from my Dad (impossible, he was my step-dad) and I consider it a luxury, as dessert, as a meal (sometimes at work, yeah, I know what you’re going to say) and as a date with HM, whether we’re cafe-ing or sitting in the living room, talking, reading and sipping.

Here’s a favorite place in St. Louis that you just might want to try out. They serve free trade coffee and somehow brew it strong without that miserable burned acid kick that so many places proudly brew. When in town, give it a whirl. It’s Shaw’s. Shaw’s Coffee LTD is privately owned, publicly popular!


September 8, 2012 § 6 Comments

There’s so much to tell you…


Working the garden…

August 30, 2011 § 13 Comments

The summer here is bleaching the grass and the poolside palms into hibernation and limp lassitude, respectively…and there are insidious caterpillars chowing down on the petunias that have perpetuated since May.
So right about now, a garden can use all the help it can get. 
Enter the tree frog who does not limit himself  to trilling in the trees.
Apparently an avid eater of slugs, grubs, bugs (albeit tiny ones) and etceteras, he is more than welcome.
And hey, how ’bout that froggy smile?

on the road for a weekend family wedding

August 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

Roadtrips….mmmm….love ’em.

Me and HM, running down the road, no outside noise can get into the car unless we invite in tunes, text or t mobile.
Between here (the Gateway) and Chicago (the Big Windy), there is all the flatness you can imagine, Big Flat that’s full of corn and poles and windmills (those elegant greeners) and tiny old buildings heaped upon themselves, mere dots in the midst of  lowgrowing green.

Expansive.  There are crow’s miles out there. Who’s gonna run out for some milk? Maybe underage drivers at the wheel of big red rusty trucks hauling across the open fields, rooster tails of dust blowing behind them, their moms in the kitchen looking out proudly after them.

I dunno, but it’s beautiful in a non-impactful way, in an open space vs  urban decay way, beautiful like thoughts one has during rest, meditation, prayer…a prairie prayer…

The weekend …

July 30, 2011 § 11 Comments

FRIDAY NIGHT…unwinding, poolside ….

SATURDAY …  flowering and kitchening…

Sometimes you think you’re the only one. The week rockets by with spins, turns and not so well performed pirouettes at work.  You push large rocks up steep hills, you listen as people transfer monkeys from their back to yours and walk away, you envision, you list,  you write and rewrite,  a dear friend resigns a position you thought was ideal and you realize that even in this economy, the trend is not only that people lose jobs but that people leave jobs because the job have become untenable. That is not the case where you work; nevertheless you put in long long hours and long long meetings and stay so awake, alert, visionary, on point, that by Friday night, you curl on the couch with your spouse and fall so deeply asleep that when you wake, you think you’re still at work and have fallen asleep at your desk and has anyone seen you, sleep wrinkled and tousled?

When you reach out to friends you find they are spinning the same delirious tale.

And so we learn to really vacation and lounge about when we take vacation time.
We learn to really sleep when it’s time to sleep.
We learn to love even more the preparation of simple meals and being at the table together.
We learn to look up and say thanks.

If a weed grows in a small crack in the driveway, it’s ok.
If two little bambis fit their heads inside the iron gate to eat the glorious morning glories from our garden, it’s ok. There are plenty of blooms to enjoy.

How lovely to resist schedules.

Home again…

July 24, 2011 § 14 Comments

We’ve been home a week since our sejour in Cali.
And not a single post between then and now!

If I ran for president, I would put 3-day weekends and 30-hour days on my platform.  Those extra hours in the day will be for sleep – I believe this nation is sleep-deprived – and for attending to and taking time out for,  one’s arts and hobbies.

Has anyone read the 4-Hour Workweek? Wonder if it’s a lot of blather.

Meanwhile, a little coffee and conversation with HM, a little time in the garden…getting caught up on Zen time.

PS…now reading:
HOME by Julie Andrews (please tell me she has a ghostwriter or, is she also an excellent writer on top of everything else? sheesh)
THE PINE BARRENS by John McPhee  (and I lived in Jersey and had no idea of the region…’til I saw THE SOPRANOS)
BEACHCOMBERS by Nancy Thayer (because it’s summer and I saw this book on the shelf and it looked…summery)
THE BLISS OF BLOGGING forgot author (sorry!!!) but need to read it since still, after several years, I’m trying to kickstart this blog)
FREEDOM by J Franzen (yes, I’m still reading it…egads, it’s long,  longer than other long books. OK, and I think I have writer’s envy, too.)
A stack of NEW YORKER mags, 2 VOGUES (july & august) and the 2 recent issues of POETS & WRITERS magazine.
ok, wait, was I complaining about time?

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