I love poetry, deconstructed fashion, and being at the table over a fine plate of pasta conversing with my husband at the end of a long day. I love steamy weather, sunny days, all kinds of soup, the color of the summer sky, a couch and a book in the winter, children and their little voices, dogs and their alertness, senior citizens who are so full of untapped wisdom, going to the movies with HM, being at the table with friends and family, Thursday nights (the real beginning of the weekend), porch lights when they’re turned on, water, London & Paris, my pillow, going barefoot, walking my beagle (silly rabbit dog),  writing letters, kissing, laughing at slapstick comedy and people.

Plop in the middle of the midwest, I’m lucky to have house, home and family, and lean toward water in any direction (the Mississippi River is NOT the idyll Twain painted) and climb hills when I can find them to get a view.

Books are beyond 3-d for me and likely my taste for them is whetted by the opposite corporate world in which I spend the work day, though there is stuff of paper and publishing in that time, too, which is a blessing. I love paper. I forgot to say that I love paper! 

Fortunate to be in the midst of a writing family, I struggle against the whiteness of a blank page to tell little stories and sometimes just plain fiddle with paper itself, decorating it, painting it, layering it, stacking it up into little books to fill or to give away.

Thank goodness for the writing arts, even Twitter rather than the phone…for the language that develops, for the playfulness with words and abbreviations and texts. Thank goodness for libraries of books and their availability. For the communication that goes on and on, 24/7, and yet also for the quiet in which we can put pen to page.

The world shrinks in a good way the more we talk, shout and whisper to one another.  

More smiling, more soup, more drink – bring on the feast of life and toss in some great books and some really cool paper on which to doodle and dabble.

Write me at dilosciale at charter dot net.


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  • Simonne says:

    Love the sound of your soup cafe 🙂

  • Jeanie says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog — I came back to email a response (love no-reply blogger!) and it’s below — but before you look at that, I just have to tell you that I love how you wrote your biography! It was fun to read and tells me lots about you, too! I love that! Here’s what my email reply was — till I realized I didn’t have your address!
    I envy your mom! Mine doesn’t always quite fit (can’t go wrong with scarves, though!). But I try! Aren’t all the yarns wonderful? I adore them!

    Thanks for the nice comments about the photos and all! Yeah, editing usually makes it better, and I love doing it, but sometimes you just want to write and let it flow! (Which is how I got to be a decent editor — I overwrite out the wazoo!)

    I’m enjoying visiting yours and the other writing blogs. It connects me to a community and helps me concentrate on something I do that I sometimes forget to give proper respect to and really think about.

  • Hi! You won Mike’s Election Guide during BBAW. Please send me your mailing address:

  • anno says:

    I hope you open that soup cafe. Let me know when it opens, and I’ll plan a road trip to visit!

    Your beautiful book arrived on Monday, too late for my party, but this is a friend I see fairly often, so I’m looking forward to giving to her at one of our regular breakfast dates. The problem is that I keep peeking at bits and pieces of it, finding myself moved by one story or prayer, and then browsing ahead for a few more pages. If I want to preserve a “new” copy for my friend, I might have to buy yet another.

    This is a thoughtful and affecting collection — Congratulations!

  • oh says:

    Jeanie, glad you stopped here at “about” which is actually a weird thing to write, don’t you think? these little autobios are difficult. But like you said, the “community” of writing and talking back and forth is such a cool connection.

    Anno – so very glad the book will make a gift. If you write to me at dlosciale at sbcglobal dot net and include your mailing address, I will send you another copy of the book!

  • Carrie says:

    I love knowing you’re out here! I love that this internet-super-thingy has connected us. I am so glad to know more about you… I look forward to growing that more! 🙂 Peace!

  • Care says:

    Hi, I saw your comment at LitLove’s and I can help with your linkback issue: In WP, they leave a box blank in your profile. All you have to do is enter your blog url and then all your comments at other WP blogs should link back to you. 🙂 Hope this helps! Nice to meet you, Care

  • Danielle B. says:

    I found your blog when looking for Longview Farm Park pictures. It brought me to the entry about Joe and I just had to extend an invitation to you to join our organization at Longview – Equine-AssistedTherapy.org Joe’s my favorite there too. I’m a total horse nut and get my fix for free through EAT. We open up on April 12 and have added a location in Wildwood now. Double the horse fix there! Let me know if you ever want a tour.

  • pussycat2 says:

    I’m visiting blogs and I love yours! What a free spirit you are – I know you, you know. And you speak the truth.

  • just wanted to let you know that you won the secret book giveaway! you can email me at theliterarylollipop@hotmail.com to arrange delivery.

    I’ve announced your prize on my blog; I hope you like it!

    -Lydia @ The Literary Lollipop

  • Tom C says:

    A nicely designed blog – thanks for visiting mine. These posts mount up don’t they. Do the word count and its a book!

  • Hello Fellow Paper Lover,
    I agree that it’s strange to write the whole ‘about’ thing.
    Having said that, yours is quite wonderful and a piece of prose in its own right.
    I agree that words and text and paper and blogs and books and pencils are wonderful and amazing bonuses to being alive.
    Happy Writing 🙂

  • Hi! 🙂 Greetings from the Philippines! You commented on my Valentine entry, which is much appreciated. I will be sending a reply to it in a bit, in my comments section 🙂

    Reading your “About” page made me go “Wow.” You write so beautifully. I also scanned through some of your entries, and woah — these entries aren’t meant to be scanned. They’re meant to be devoured with attention, appreciation, and the kind of psyche only a writer can ever have.

    Which is why you got yourself a whole new subscriber 🙂 Please keep writing, you inspire me! 🙂

  • aubrey says:

    Fashion, pasta and poetry! I had to keep you in mind when it was time to decide on my nominations for this award:


  • Dale says:

    You are a thoughtful and good friend. We still look forward to sharing our gardens and best wine with you in the Rockies. July is my be my favorite flower month but we have many things blooming from March through September.

  • This is an incredible introduction. You painted pictures, which I wish I was better at doing when writing about myself. I can already tell that whoever steps into your will instantly see the world in more vivid color. Please, keep writing and creating art and beauty.

    Take care,

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